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a bit of my vision
As an artist I began to unconsciously explore my fears and agonies, from my adolescence I had an enormous need to be able to "express" what I felt, because it was difficult for me to do it verbally, and so from the very beginning I developed my visual language based on representations symbolic and use of strong colors, I have become a style of my own, even if technically I have ascertained, this is always and will be my purest way of passing on an idea, criticism, sentiment or concept.

Most of the works are the fruit of my subconscious, limiting to make it work for me, without worrying about the meaning, only after the sketch my conscious debate all the evolvente language in the work and if necessary to alter small details in order to reinforce the message, this step being called for me to do the first reading

 On the other hand, some works go through a pre-reflection phase of a specific theme. So my inspiration comes from moments that upset me, intrigue me or cause me great emotion. And also to notice the change of the register and type of language that is characteristic to me in order to transmit other ideas in the way that I think is appropriate, even if I move from symbolism to conceptual or abstract, etc. I do not aim to create a saturating assembly line to satisfy the market.

I aim to make the spectator reflect and feel a certain subject, but free to follow their own interpretation, being important keys to their culture, their experience and their primitive sense, the subconscious. In this subtle way, my works have an important intellectual part and not just only emotional.
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