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"Queer" Art exhibition in Faro - Algarve - Portugal

R. António Maria Laboia, antiga rua Beco do Arco 1, 8000-250 Faro, Portugal

понедельник 20 июнь 2022
суббота 25 июнь 2022

"Queer" art exhibition

In faro Algarve Portugal we are almost at the mythical Queer week
fastastic art exhibition related to the theme. in the association Ar Quente with Organization: aeQuum

Contraponto - University of Algarve Art finalist exhibition

Convento de Santo António, N270, Loulé, Portugal

среда 15 июнь 2022
суббота 9 июль 2022

Exhibition of XI Bienal de Artes de Santa Catarina da Serra

Largo Cândido Reis 6, 2400-159 Leiria, Portugal

суббота 7 май 2022
вторник 31 май 2022

exhibition of those selected for the biennial with my work anxiety 2020

Art exhibition - Jovem Criador 2022 - Aveiro

Aveiro Museum, Av. Santa Joana, 3810-164 Aveiro, Portugal

суббота 5 март 2022
воскресенье 17 апрель 2022

Art exhibition where I will be present - Ana Valentim

workshop initiation to oil painting online with Ana valentim


среда 5 май 2021
среда 5 май 2021

5th of May at 19:00h Portugal workshop initiation to oil painting online with Ana valentim

see online at: 


Mértolarte 2020 exhibition

R. 25 de Abril 16-24, 7750-340 Mértola, Portugal

суббота 7 март 2020
суббота 4 апрель 2020

The Municipality of Mértola intends to assume a dynamic role in the valorization, awareness and dissemination of plastic arts and new artists in order to combat the interiority and distance from the great cultural centers, for this purpose it promotes the present MertolArte project ...

The work The hard way home by Ana Valentim will be present

IX Biennial of Small Format Painting - Joaquim Afonso Madeira Award

Alhos Vedros, Portugal

суббота 6 июль 2019
воскресенье 4 август 2019

Sigma painting will be present in the second phase of the 9th Biennial of Small Format Painting Competition - Joaquim Afonso Madeira Prize, and will be exhibited from 6 July to 4 August in Moinho do Mare - Alhos vedros - Portugal 


Individual Painting Exhibition by Ana Valentim

Rua de Cândido do Ó Ventura 31, Olhão, Portugal

суббота 20 апрель 2019
среда 24 апрель 2019

The painting exhibition is present in the corridor of the cabinet of psychology and education Carla Vicente located in the Street of Candide of the Ventura in Olhão.

The works done by Ana Valentim are executed with the techniques oil on canvas and paper canvas.

The exhibition has no specific theme but its main purpose is to draw attention to society to sensitive themes of human nature, working the subconscious through symbolism and the subtlety of small things.

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