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pray for mantis (2018)

31,5x47,2x1,2 in ~ Живописец, Масло

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this work was inspired by an ink drawing of china made by me a few years ago, we have to finish some aesthetic details, praying to God "mantis" has a very literary meaning, since in Portuguese it is something like praising God. There is something symbolic about salvation, given the chaotic situation of the work referring to the state of society and the world, it is not only a criticism but a way of giving a face-to-face together in a single work, it becomes absurd to amount of things that are problematic, confused up on the one hand purposely and need some time and patience to try to decipher some meanings, ... we have general theme focused on the environment some gain represented and lack of sense, such as deforestation to produce coffins only one way to demonstrate once again the self-destruction and death in the acts, much more sense symbolism can appear but it is obligatorily it is in charge of the spectator to make its analysis ....


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